Published on 6th March 2021

Ever bought an expensive watch that gradually went out of charge? What do you really do with it? We know! It goes inside one of the cupboards and never sees the light of the day! We often tell ourselves we’ll go out and get the batteries replaced. But in the end, who ever wants to make a trip just to get the batteries changed? What if I were to tell you that there is a brand of watches that potentially never have to have the batteries changed! Furthermore, they could possibly even outlive you. Intriguing! Isn’t it? Read ahead to find out how is it even possible! 


Citizen Eco-Drive Watches – Are they good watches?

Citizen is a renowned brand with a legacy of over 101 years of producing the most accurate watches in the world. They are tech-savvy and have always been coming up with the latest technology in their products for decades. Their proprietary Eco-Drive Technology has revolutionized the craft of watchmaking.

Citizen watches are popular amongst its users for their budget watches that deliver performance. Delivering amongst various categories, citizen watches are celebrated worldwide. The Eco-drive feature in Citizen watches has successfully replaced over 10 million batteries worldwide and counting…

Eco-drive is a patented technology by Citizen Watches which is based on the photovoltaic Eco-drive Caliber 7878 Movement. The movement was originally designed to use Solar Energy as a means of charging a watch battery. Later it was improved to use any means of light and the mechanism allows storage of excess power generated on a power cell. How cool is that?

Eco-drive feature in the Citizen watches allows you to keep your timepiece going by the mere exposure of your dial to a source of light! Moreover, once fully charged, the movement can function for up to 6 months without being charged again. With the movement feature that indicates ‘insufficient charge’, you also know when to show your watch some light! The watch also offers an accuracy of ±1 second per year. Without having to bother about batteries for a long time, it sure is a nice piece of investment!

How long do citizen eco-drive watches last?

Citizen claims that their Eco-Drive watches literally never stop. Stating that the rechargeable batteries last for up to 40 years and are very unlikely to fail, citizen promises durability for the watches. The water-resistant watches only require basic maintenance once over 2-3 years and you are good to go. They also use lubricants in their Long-Lasting Precision movement that does not harden in over 20 years enabling smooth movement and functionality.


Precautions to be taken

In very rare cases, the watches might experience damage to excessive heating. Therefore, it is advisable to always maintain the temperature of these watches below 140°F. As bizarre as it may sound some people might hold the watch out in the sun to charge or hold it too close to a bulb. The overheating thus caused might damage the power cells.

Without further ado, let us dive right into reviewing the best Citizen Eco-Drive watches!

Best citizen Eco-Drive Watches of 2021.


Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200m

SpecificationsKey Features
Case size - 47mmDive Mode: A power saving accuracy maintenance mode activated by pressing the 2’o clock and 4’o clock buttons simultaneously
Case shape - Round200 Meter depth diving function with water resistance
Case material - TitaniumF158 Eco drive movement
Glass material - Sapphire crystalTitanium case treated with Duratect makes the already sturdy casing even more stronger.
Strap material - PolyurethaneIncludes date aperture at 3’o clock position

  • Precise Eco-drive movement.
  • High Accuracy.

  • Battery-free dive watch.

  • Bulky; Large case.
  • Day and Power reserve Indication Combined.

  • Dive mode may not activate in case of insufficient charge.

Part of the latest Citizen’s Promaster Sea line of men’s watches, it is the first light-powered watch with GPS satellite capabilities and a 200-meter depth diving function. Devised to receive position coordinates, date, and time data with accuracy from GPS Satellites, this sporty watch possesses the ability to display accurate data anywhere around the world. It also encompasses a unique ‘dive mode’ which shuts all other functions except time, preventing erroneous time display.

Our Verdict: 4/5


Citizen-Yoda, AW1513-05W Stars Wars Classic

SpecificationsKey Features
Case size - 42mmCase back etching of Yoda’s famous quote “Do or not do, there is no try!”
Case shape - RoundTime aperture set at 3’o clock
Case material - Stainless SteelLeather Strap with safety stitching
Glass material - Mineral CrystalJ810 movement; accuracy of ±1 sec per year
Strap material - LeatherWater resistant up to 333ft/10 Bar

  • Diverse design.
  • Eco-drive; No change of batteries required.

  • Safety Stitch on strap ensures durability.

  • Water resistant.

  • Leather Strap prone to wear and tear.

If you love great timepieces and the wise old YodaTM, this Star WarsTM timepiece is made for you.  The grey dial featuring a subtle YodaTM silhouette encompasses a hint of green and rose gold as the central theme. At 12’o clock the dial showcases the Jedi order symbol in rose gold with the hands replicating lightsabers. Elegantly incorporated in a stainless-steel rose gold dial, it is a delight to own this memorable piece. This Citizen Eco-Drive watch is a subtle dress watch with just the right amount of fun!

Our Verdict: 4.5/5

Citizen Crystal – CA0753-55E Eco-Drive

SpecificationsKey Features
Case size - 42mmChronograph with 24/12-time feature
Case shape - RoundCaliber B612 Movement with stainless steel casing
Case material - Stainless SteelWater resistant up to 166ft
Glass material - Mineral crystalEco drive-light powered

  • Scratch resistant.
  • 12/24-hour time feature.

  • Crystals make the watch bulky.
  • To be handled with care.

This Swarovski® embedded watch is an elegant timepiece to make a statement with. A timeless chronograph that allows you to play it sporty with a touch of sophistication. Swarovski® crystal embedded bezel surrounds a matte black dial with hints of rose gold. The combination of black, white, and rose gold is well played throughout this Citizen Eco-drive watch and allows the sports chronograph to look dressy.

Our Verdict: 4.5/5


Citizen Stiletto – AR3107-57E

SpecificationsKey Features
Case size - 28x38mmCaliber G872, 2 hand movement
Case shape - RectangularCompact casing with single crown for a classy approach
Case material - Stainless SteelBracelet style band
Glass material - Sapphire crystalSapphire crystal that ensures scratch resistance
Strap material - Stainless SteelEco drive- light powered
Splash resistant

  • Precise movement with exceptional accuracy.
  • Comfortable dial size with a slim dial.

  • Durable.

  • Jewelry style clasp.

  • Not highly water resistant.

A rather simplistic and minimalistic dress watch that capitalizes on Citizen’s legacy of sleek and fine timepieces that are ageless and boast a very contemporary style. Bearing a unisex approach towards design, it is a gender-neutral watch that can be adorned by the youth and experienced alike. The Eco-drive feature in fact ensures that this timeless watch goes all the way from your youth to your golden days. This Citizen Eco-drive watch is indeed worth all the money!

Our Verdict: 5/5


Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chronograph Racer

SpecificationsKey Features
Case size - 45mmCitizen Eco drive E210 movement with solar powered quartz mechanism and power reserve indicator
Case shape - RoundBullhead chronograph with crowns and pushers positioned at 11’o clock, 12’clock, 1’o clock and 5’o clock
Integrated bracelet with double folding clasp adding to the overall finishing
Unique assortment of features including instantaneous flyback which is rare to find at the given price point
Date aperture positioned between 1 and 2’o clock

  • Best watch in terms of price point and luxurious features.
  • Unique positioning of features with dial gives a balanced effect.

  • Stainless Steel Screw back case.

  • Bulky with heightened dial.
  • Chronograph pushers need a little force to activate.

Inspired by the 1970s bullhead chronograph, this unique Citizen eco-drive watch was created to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary. This timepiece is a beast in terms of performance and functionality. Encapsulated with the best of features including chronograph, tachymeter, alarm, instantaneous fly back, power reserve, and date it also boasts durability. The eco-drive feature instilled for a no-hassle experience contributes to the overall performance of the timepiece.  

Our Verdict: 4/5


So, this was our review of our favorite Citizen Eco-Drive watch models under $2000. These are durable watches that not only add to your looks but also turn out to be a fruitful investment. With the durability and pricing, they really are timeless pieces assuring quality. Tell us in the comments which Citizen eco-drive watch you liked the most and what features do you prefer in your Citizen Eco-drive? If you liked this article then check out more such watch review articles!

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